As far as occupations go, Mortgage Broking is not necessarily a role that the wider community understands overly well.

Sure, If you’ve used a broker, particularly a good one, you will likely have an understanding of Mortgage broking and its benefits. But if you haven’t interacted with a broker yourself, then this video is designed for you.

The fundamental purpose of a Broker is to help people gain access to funding from a bank or financial institution – for example, buying a home or an investment property. And with access to multiple lenders The broker will work alongside the client, to match them with the most suitable loan product for their specific needs.

Aside from the transactional side, having a healthy relationship with a mortgage broker over the long term is extremely beneficial. A Broker can provide ongoing support and assistance with any finance and mortgage related queries.

If we compare this to a direct to bank relationship – where there is a limited product selection, they (the bank) also don’t have the same governance around the appropriateness of the product they are recommending for you.

If you’re still not convinced, there is no harm in reaching out to a broker and starting a conversation (we might be biased, but we think you should speak to The Lending Alliance). Keep in mind, it’s not just standard residential lending, we look after commercial, SMSF, and Asset finance well).

If you head onto our website, – you can book in a meeting with myself or one of the other Lending Alliance team members using their direct Calendly links.

Keegan Rezek
Mortgage Broker & Director

How to Spot a Great Mortgage Broker

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