Back in December I heard a rather alarming statistic – research has shown that only 44 percent of future first home borrowers are likely to choose a mortgage broker.

This tells me that we (The Mortgage Broker), need to find the best ways to reach and educate first time borrowers and here I am hoping to catch you scrolling on your socials. 

So if your thinking 44% sounds like a lot, yeah its almost half. But it actually represents a decline when compared to the 70% of current borrowers that use a mortgage broker to great effect.

I’d like to personally speak with you, a first time borrower and talk you through start to finish on why i’m adamant that using a mortgage broker is the right decision.

If you head onto our website, – you can book in a meeting with myself or one of the other Lending Alliance team members using their direct Calendly links.

Keegan Rezek
Mortgage Broker & Director

How to Spot a Great Mortgage Broker

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